Do You Understand English but Cannot Speak English Fluently in Front of Public? 

If this is your issue, I have something to tell you. The thing I am about to share will make you a fluent English Communicator faster than ever!

Dear reader, 

I see many times my students tell me that I'm good at reading and writing, but I struggle a lot when speaking in English.

Are you facing the same problem?

Before we get started, let me tell you a few things.

When my students try to speak English, they face these problems: -

  • The words don’t flow in my mind. 
  • I get nervous while speaking in English.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • I cannot form sentences correctly.
  • Vocabulary issue.
  • Hesitation / Lack of confidence.
  • Grammatical mistakes.

Before taking the Genius Speakers Masterclass, these are the issues my students faced whenever they try to talk in English.

If you’re facing the same problems which I mentioned above, then pay attention to this. 

You know, 

Why do you face all of these problems? 

It is due to what I call “Lack of Practice.”

If you understand English but cannot speak, then the problem is a lack of practice. You’re not doing enough practice. 

What does that mean, Abhishek? Could you elaborate a bit more? 

Let me share a small story of one of my students. His name is Ravi. 

Ravi understands English, and when Ravi tries to speak, he can't pronounce the words correctly. 

Even though he forms correct sentences in his mind, he cannot convey that sentence via his mouth. 

The moral of Ravi’s real-life story is he was learning all the grammar rules and vocabulary. 

And, the only thing he was not doing was speaking in English. 

Ravi wanted to be a fluent English speaker.

Can you see the problem? 

You do not need to memorize 1000s of vocabulary and grammar rules to speak in English. 

You need the right practice to speak fluent English. 

In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can start your practice to be a fluent English speaker. 

I want to ask a simple question from you. 

Are you in the same situation as Ravi was? 

Yes, then it’s time to get out of that situation. 

  • Are you in the same situation as Ravi was? 
  • Yes, then it’s time to get out of that situation. 
  • Are you ready to be a better English Speaker? 
  • Are you ready to surprise your friends and colleagues with your English speaking skills? 
  • Are you ready to get a decent job because you can speak fluent English?

Your answer is YES, A big YES! 

Great, I know you want to improve your English speaking skills. 

Before I proceed, here is how you can start the practice to improve your English speaking skills. 

I call this 3-step formula to start speaking in English. 

Note: It’s a simple but super powerful formula that I developed after training 15000 working professionals and students in my workshops. 

The formula is L.P.P.

L.P.P stands for, 

Learn, Practice, and Perform.  

Let me give you a quick overview of how the L.P.P. formula can help you to start speaking in English from today itself. 

Step #1: You learn from our intensive video training, which is 100% practical training, no theories, which you can implement right away and start speaking in English. 

Step #2: Then, you practice. In other words, you revise your learnings. 

Step #3: In this step, you perform in our Facebook community (4000+ members) by posting a simple speech every day for seven days. 

Does that sound simple? 

Yes, it’s very simple. I’ll explain the L.P.P. formula in my 100% practical training. 

Presenting GENIUS MASTERCLASS the only course that gives you proven tips and tools to start speaking in English from day 1

Inside Genius Speakers masterclass, you’ll learn: 

  1. How to start speaking English from level-zero? 
  2. How to think in English? 
  3. How to start speaking broken English? 
  4. Proven Frameworks to Train Your Mind and Tongue to Speak in English
  5. How to develop conversations to enhance your English Speaking Style & become a better communicator. 
  6. How to form sentences in mind?
  7. Commentary exercise to improve spoken English.

Listen to this, 

You can’t be a fluent English speaker in 30 days, 60 days, or 100 days if you’re starting. 

I don’t want to hide anything from you to make money. 

Learning a language takes time, especially when you want to speak in that language. 

You have to be patient. 

Apart from that, you have to practice daily. If you fail to do this simple thing, it will be hard for you to achieve English fluency. 

That’s what our Genius Masterclass focuses on. 

Look, everyone teaches you vocabulary and Grammar. You can find these things in your Books, Google, and YouTube easily. 

If your “Goal” is to write better, then Grammar and vocabulary are enough for you. 

But, if you want to be a better English communicator, you need to do something extra. After all, you’ll be enjoying extra rewards. 

Here’s what you need to do to become a better English speaker in the shortest time? You need to practice.

That is what our Genius Masterclass provides. 

Inside Genius Masterclass, you’ll get 7 different practice exercises to be a better English Communicator. 

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Here is what our existing students say About Genius Masterclass

Benefits you’re going to get if you Enroll in the Genius English Communication Masterclass.

Our philosophy is not to give you Grammar rules and vocabulary, which is already available in your books and Google.

Ours intend to make you a better English speaker, not a Grammar Nazi. 

It’s not because of Grammar and vocabulary you are not able to speak English. It’s because of what I call this Lack of Practice. 

Many of my students know all the grammar rules and vocabulary, but they can't talk in English when it comes to speaking English. 

Again, the reason is lack of practice. 

You can’t be a fluent English speaker until you start speaking from today itself. 

Genius Training and Mr. Abhishek Gupta's motive is to create great communicators in India so that he/she can be a leader. 

Without knowing how to communicate effectively, nobody can be an effective leader. 

If you decided to join Genius Masterclass

  • You’ll get 7 powerful practice exercises that will make you a better English communicator. 
  • Meditation session at no extra cost.
  • Productivity course for FREE! 

You cannot become successful just by improving your English speaking skills. You need to know and do something extra than others. 

Like Genius Speakers productivity course helps you to achieve more in less time. 

Let's suppose you and your friend do the same work. 

After going through the Productivity course, you'll be able to do the same work in less time than your friend. 

That’s the beauty of the Genius Speakers Productivity course. 

You can become a Genius in actuality if you join Geniu Masterclass! :) 

Let me recap the things you’re going to learn inside Genius Speakers Masterclass are:-  

Bonuses for the Fast Action Takers only:-

Bonus 1: Mediation session (Priceless)

Bonus 2: Motivation session with a Powerful quote valued at Rs.899/-

Bonus 3: One Productivity class valued at Rs. 1999/-  

Bonus 4: A Private Facebook community (4000+ members) for your questions. (Priceless)

Bonus 5: Weekly live webinar for new students only. (Priceless)

The total value of Rs. 3,897, you’re getting if you enroll yourself Genius Speakers Masterclass NOW!

Today, you don’t need to pay Rs. 1,499 for the Genius Speakers Masterclass. 

Not even Rs. 897

You can enroll yourself in Genius Masterclass at Rs. 99 only

Here’s what existing students say about the Masterclass

Here’s how it works?

Enter your Name, A valid email address, and Mobile number. 

Pay the 99 Rupee, one-time fee. 

After successful payment, you’ll receive login details on your given email address. 

Our L.P.P formula can make you a better English Speaker?

You learn from our online learning portal, where all the videos are available. 

You practice at your home. 

Then post a speech inside the like-minded Facebook community (4000+ members). 

Learn at your comfort of home!

Practice at your terms. You can post your speeches anytime—no need to wait for somebody. 

No matter how much you learn vocabulary and grammar rules, you cannot be a better English speaker until you start speaking English every day. 

You just cannot become fluent only by practicing for one or two days. You have to do it consistently. 

That’s the way to be a better fluent speaker. 

The Genius Masterclass is backed by a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee because it is a digital product. Once you use it, you cannot return it. However, I believe that my course will help you overcome your fear of speaking English. 
Even if you tell a lie that the course wasn't good, I'll refund your money. You can keep the course as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I made this masterclass paid because I want only genuine people to join this masterclass who wants to speak in English and are willing to work for it. 

If I make this masterclass free, then nobody will pay attention to this masterclass. 

I put so much time, energy, and money into creating such a masterclass. So I need to sustain it financially to serve more & more people in less time.

Anyone can join this Program as long as you understand English but aren't able to speak fluently.

All Students will be a part of the V.I.P. Facebook Group; You can use that to ask questions, network, share case studies, and more.

You’re right. If every knowledge is available on the internet for free, why are you not successful in English Speaking? 

See, the human mind doesn’t pay attention to free stuff. 

On the internet, every knowledge is available in an unorganized manner. If you enroll in the Genius Speakers Masterclass, you’ll get a step-by-step plan to solve your particular problem to overcome the fear of speaking in English. 

On Signup, you would be given a Username and Password where you can access all the Videos. You’ll have your own Private Learning Portal to watch videos. 

After the masterclass, you’ll be able to overcome your fear of speaking in English. You’ll have the step-by-step framework to master English Speaking skills.

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